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H&H is a collaboration between myself (Heidi Loxley) and Howard Kettle.

We are like chalk and titanium, very different in pretty much every way. But, although we are different,  I thought we could make some music together and I was right, we did! Well, more like I took over but there you go. I think deep down Howard maybe would have taken this project down a different road.

Howard has more experience in the music industry and comes from the punk times. I will say now, this is not a genre of music I particularly like. Howard did tell me at the beginning he liked Black Sabbath though, so that was something we could work with. I also heard him play for Pin-ups and although Pin-ups were never going to be my cup of tea, but I saw great potential in Howard. 

Howard’s first proper group, Psychedelia, started 18th June 1977 and ended August 1978. He joined Paintbox and the Merchant in May 1986, and it finished April 1994. He co-founded Pin-Ups on the 5th May 1988 and then left the band in November 2019.

Howard understands the theory side of music, which is good because I don’t! I sing something, and then he finds the notes and plays them back to me. When I make up guitar pieces, I  often want an odd sound, like a strange collection of notes, so Howard sometimes has to invent a new chord to get the sound I want.

Why don’t I learn theory myself? Well, this is a question a lot of people ask me. I doubt it is difficult, but I am afraid if I did, I might fall into the trap a lot of people fall into, that is, play things that follow a generic pattern. I don’t want this! If I don’t learn the conventional way, then I don’t need to worry about playing the conventional way.

Why don’t I learn to play guitar?  I have far too much going on to do that right now, but I am seriously thinking about it.

I enjoy making up the bass lines the most. I don’t know why, I just do. I think if I played guitar it would be bass.

I would say about 90% of the songs were made up on the spot, no real planning. I would often piece bits of music together that shouldn’t work but do. 

I have put this site together, so if it seems a little Heidi biased, that is why.

Here is a link to one of Howard’s songs…

And one of my songs, not on my album…

The new single 1959, out now!!



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