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Fire of Caron is me primarily me, H. Loxley. I am a musician, composer, music writer, singer, author and many other things.  I come from Yorkshire, where I have lived all my life. I perform and produce all of my own music from start to finish, other than the mastering.

I write pretty much all my own music, give or take some guitar pieces, although I do write most of them too! I don’t play the guitar unfortunately. I compose and produce everything, that means, all the singing, keyboards, synth and programming the drums, as well as all the weird computer effects you hear. I  record and produce it from own home, and believe me, it isn’t a great place to work from, it is damp and has the worst acoustics ever!

I started making up songs as a child. I knew I had natural talent and rhythm from a young age but never learned how to play an instrument properly, other than the recorder. I could make up songs in a few minutes, from start to finish. This was normal for me, but as I got older, I realised it was a rare gift, or maybe a curse, I don’t know.

In 2001, I recorded 10 tracks under the name, ‘Sonic Boom’. The name ‘Fire of Caron’, didn’t come about until much later, but I did re-record some Sonic Boom tracks under Fire or Caron, including Fly Away, Hand of God and Best Thing. Are they better? I think they are different.

I could go on about my personal life, whether I am married, have kids, a mortgage etc, but I won’t. I will say though, my life hasn’t been easy. I suffer a lot with stress, depression and migraines and always have. I have also always been bullied, both as a child and an adult, so without wanting the violins to come out, life has been tough.  I can’t socialise like ordinary people, and when I work for a company, they never know how to deal with people in my situation, so I end up being forced out.  But life has a strange way of throwing what seems like bad things at you and turning them into something good.

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Don’t knock being weird and different and not fitting in. I believe if I would have been “normal”, I wouldn’t have done any music or written any books. Be YOU, not anyone else!

Special thanks to Carrie Easter, Allan Whittick and Brad Zerkel.

Fly Away by Fire of Caron, vid by Carrie Easter. 

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